Friday, 9 September 2016

Our BIG day out!

This term we were lucky enough to go on a day trip to the museum, the Botanical Gardens and the YMCA.  We all went on the bus.  We had lots of lovely parents who came and helped us.  The scavenger hunt around the museum was a highlight.  The best part of the museum was the Discovery Room.

We had our lunch around the Peacock Fountain in the gardens.  It was such a beautiful day in the sunshine.

At the YMCA we went on a big scavenger hunt around the gardens.  Then we went back to the YMCA and played lots of fun games like Weetbix eating competitions,  the egg game, guess what's in the bag and musical chairs.

Thanks to everyone who made it such an awesome day!

Symmetry Hunt

We have been learning all about symmetry in our classroom.  We used all sort of maths equipment in our room and made symmetrical shapes.  then we used a piece of wool to find the line of symmetry.