Thursday, 23 February 2017

Folk dancing evening.

Check out Piwakawaka performing Seven Jumps.  We skipped around in small circles and balanced on one leg.  Sometimes we were a bit wobbly!  We got to wear our favourite clothes.  At the end of the show we got our parents to join in, even though they were a bit nervous.

Written by the children in Piwakawaka.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Trip to Sumner Beach

We had such a fantastic day exploring and learning about the shoreline at Sumner Beach last week. Many wonderful parents gave up their day to come and support us, thank you to you all.  We found out about the 3 different habitats and who and what lives there:

  • The ocean
  • The sandy beach
  • The sand dunes
The treasure hunt was a highlight for us as we searched for natural things like shells, driftwood and seaweed and man made things like rubbish that shouldn't be there.  We even used the natural items to make "No Littering" signs for other beach goers.

In the afternoon, we walked down to Scarborough Park and had lunch, a play in the playground and a swim in the pool.  Such a gorgeous day filled with learning and fun!

Friday, 10 February 2017

Whanau Time

Here we are all dressed in our Whanau t-shirts ready to go to our first Whanau session for the year.  Our whanau groups are...
Kauri - green
Totora - yellow
Matai - blue
Kahikatea - orange
Rimu - red

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Our first Library visit

Today was our very first visit to our new Library. With our refurbishment, we haven't had a Library for a very long time so it was pretty exciting to be back getting books out.  Our Library day is Wednesday.  


Welcome to 2017

Welcome to our fresh new class of 2017.  We are the Piwakawaka Pod.  Our bird (the Fantail) is energetic, curious, friendly, social and adaptable, just like all of the wonderful learners in our classroom.  We are excited about the year ahead.