Sunday, 13 August 2017

Butterfly Community Project

On Friday we had a visit from Maria Romero from The Butterfly Musketeers. She is involved with Monarch Butterfly education in Christchurch. She came and shared some packets of Swan Plant seeds and Acelplcia seeds with us which we are going to look after for her and help to grow. She helped us to set up seedling trays and planted the seeds with a group of children. 

We are now going to take care of these seeds/seedlings in our classroom in the sunshine by watering them regularly.  Some of these plants will then be planted in our own school butterfly garden, with the majority of the plants being transplanted to the butterfly garden in the Rawhiti Domain in New Brighton. The swan plants seedlings will take approximately 4 months to grow into a big healthy plant ready for next January when its peak Monarch season. Watch this space to see how we go with our very special job to help our butterfly community.