Wednesday, 12 April 2017

New Zealand Sea Life Videos - Adarsh and Akavius

This term Piwakawaka have been learning all about the ocean and beach habitats after our trip to Sumner Beach.  The children who read with Mrs Harris have been doing their own independent research about different sea creatures.  They have then taken their new learning and put it into a Book Creator.  

They have also been learning to "App Smash" which means combining two or more apps together.  We have used Book Creator, Poplet, Tellagami and Google to put our books together.  We hope you enjoy them.

NZ Sea Life Videos - Shivesh and Tristan

NZ Sea Life Videos - Ryan L and Samantha

NZ Sea Life Videos - Olivia, Rory and Ryan E

NZ Sea Life Videos - Lucy and Meeka

NZ Sea Life Videos - Liam K and Liam P

NZ Sea Life Videos - Keira and Kiahla

NZ Sea Life Videos - Charlotte and Hunter

NZ Sea Life Videos - Bella and Charli

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Marrow Noodles

Last week Lucy brought in two marrows that her family had grown in their garden.  Mrs Tudor had a great idea to turn them into noodles just like her family likes to eat.  She brought her Julienne Peeler to school and showed us how she makes them and then we cooked them up so we could all try them for ourselves.  Everyone thought they were delicious!  

Tasting Crayfish

Two weeks ago, on Monday, we got to have a live crayfish visit our classroom then on the Wednesday we actually got to eat it!  We were very excited to try something new.  Richard made a video of him cooking it too so we could watch the whole process.  Most of us were brave enough to try it and really liked it.  Some of us even went back for thirds and fourths!  We discovered that the legs had the sweetest meat in them but that there was a special trick to getting the meat out. The Thousand Island Dressing was especially delicious.

We hope you enjoy reading Lucy's recount about the crayfish and looking at some of our photos. 


Nikara, Paige, Nidhi and Jakiah have all finished learning the alphabet letter names and sounds.  Well done to these children!!!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Bike Crash! Written by Ryan L

The Bike Crash
By Ryan L

I was biking on the road when my shoe lace got stuck in my pedals and I'd just got passed the school.  I fell on the footpath.  Imagine if I fell the opposite way, I could have cracked my head open!  I still had a bruise on my back.  I went too close to the gutter.  I tried to turn but... I skidded on the gutter!  That dam back wheel!  My Dad got the shoe lace off.  It was a hard job.  He had to take the show off and then he got it.